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Charon… a slayer of prawns?

Charon recognises that he is not a teenager and has difficulty understanding how his new Samsung Jet smartphone works…


Insite Law Equity & Trusts FREE online resource Dr John Birchall has started to publish his Equity & Trusts free resources. Chapter 1 is up.

Have a look?

Insite Law FREE resource for Family Law The first chapter of the FREE Family Law resource being prepared by John Bolch, Solicitor and author of the Family Lore blog is now up. The remaining chapters will follow shortly. The first chapter on Marriage is brief. Chapter 2 will be on Divorce.

Have a look?

The other FREE resources in the series are well under way and those published may be accessed through the left hand column.

Charon QC: 22nd August: Postcard from a Tent in Tripoli


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